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Industry Rubber Hose

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gesundheit, Ernährung und Pflege" wurde erstellt von ttaa017, 1. April 2019.

  1. ttaa017

    ttaa017 Greenhorn

    The concrete pump rubber hose consists of an inner tube of oil synthetic rubber, middle rubber layer, wire braids reinforcement , and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.
    The hose is made from special synthetic rubber, oil resistance, heat-resisting and aging resistance. Good pressure bearing and pulse performance. The hose body combined closely, flexible and has little deformation under pressure, good flexing and fatigue resistance.
    It can be manufactured reach a length of 40~50 meters.
    Equipped with a professional factory, Yunlong Plastics is a credible and leading China suppliers of cheap concrete pump rubber hose. Adopting quality materials and advanced equipment, our products comes in high flexibility, good mechanical strength, good abrasion performance, etc.Industry Rubber Hose
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