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China Advertising Board

Dieses Thema im Forum "Erziehung und Verhalten" wurde erstellt von hjyxwz12, 19. Februar 2019.

  1. hjyxwz12

    hjyxwz12 Greenhorn

    About Us
    The Cai’s Cultural Media Co., Ltd is committed to domestic outdoor advertising, brand image integration,in the industry-leading position.Yeago is the brand of the Cai’s, we has production lines for eco integrated lamp, trivision,Project light box, guide signs and so on,and has many patents.
    We are good at the overall planning and design of city commercial space,are the strategic partners of Intime City,Wanda Plaza,Mongdodo and Impression Nantang.We serve more than 85% of urban commercial complex in Wenzhou area,We are the designated brand of China Advertising Festival,the ISA member of the United States,Wenzhou science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises and the top 50 advertising industry in Zhejiang.
    International co-operationChina Advertising Board
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